Caroline Lemire
Director of Minwashin

Roger Wylde
Arts & Culture Director

Amélie Brassard
Project manager

Wanda Crépeau-Etapp
Cultural Development Officer

Marie-Raphaëlle Leblond
Project manager – Research and documentation

Janis Rivard
Project manager – Communication

Marie Lise Simard
Project manager – Nipakanatik

Board of Directors

Richard Kistabish

Virginia Dumont

Nancy Crépeau

Mathieu Beaudry

Anicinabe Cultural Circle

Created in June 2015, the Anicinabe Cultural Circle is a one-of-a-kind roundtable where each regional community and Friendship Centre has a place. Together, we explore and share ways of revitalising, protecting and transmitting Anicinabe culture. The Circle’s meetings allow us to better understand the needs of the communities. They are also an opportunity for representatives from various organisations to meet with their counterparts, present their services and create new networks.