Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec (Ministry of Culture and Communications)

Program‘s three components :

  1. Indigenous Media
    Aims to enable indigenous media to create original content and maintain programming in indigenous languages.
  2. Projets culturels pour les jeunes d’âge scolaire (Cultural projects for school-age youth)
    Aims to increase the number of activities to promote indigenous cultures among young people in the communities.
  3. Indigenous Languages
    Seeks to contribute to the preservation, development and vitality of indigenous languages in Quebec by carrying out activities or developing products that promote the learning and use of these languages.

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The purpose of these programs is to ensure the protection and enhancement of heritage assets, as well as to improve the equipment and quality of cultural infrastructures, in particular by supporting projects for the construction, expansion, renovation and restoration of cultural infrastructures.

They also aim to promote citizen access to and participation in the arts and culture.

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This programme allows the Ministry to call for projects that correspond to its objectives and establishes a common approach to all calls for projects.

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Applications must be submitted via the online service di@pason.

Applicants should contact di@pason technical support for any questions relating to access codes and passwords or for any problems related to di@pason. The number to contact is: 1 888-380-8882.

Contact person : Catalina Gonzalez

SODEC Québec

SODEC’s mission is to support the development of Québec’s cultural enterprises and ensure that heritage buildings are protected and promoted.

SODEC offers financial assistance in 4 areas of arts and culture:

  1. Film and Television Production Support the development of original screenplays, the production of films of different genres (fiction, documentary, animation) and different formats (feature, medium and short films), as well as the marketing and exploitation of films, in order to facilitate the circulation of works in the regions, as well as festivals.
  2. Music and Variety Contribute to the production and promotion of sound recordings and variety shows, touring shows in and outside Quebec and national events.
  3. Books and Publishing Support the publishing and marketing activities of publishers and booksellers.
  4. Fine Arts and Crafts Provide support to acquire equipment and to market products.

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Canadian Heritage

This program was created to help you celebrate your community – both its past and its present. This program increases opportunities for local artists, artisans, heritage performers or specialists to be involved in their community through festivals, events and projects. It also allows local groups to commemorate their local history and heritage.

The Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program offers funding through three separate components:

  1. Local Festivals
    Provides funding to local groups for recurring festivals that present the work of local artists, artisans and heritage performers.
  2. Community Anniversaries
    Provides funding to local groups for non-recurring local events, with or without a minor capital project. Funding is available for non-recurring events that mark the 100th anniversary or greater, in increments of 25 years (e.g., 125th, 150th); of a significant local historical event or personality.
  3. Legacy Fund
    Provides funding for community-initiated capital projects that involve the restoration, renovation, or transformation of existing buildings or exterior spaces (e.g. a statue, a community centre, a monument, a purchase related to a garden or a work of art) intended for community use.

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The Indigenous Heritage component of the Museums Assistance Program (MAP) provides funding for projects related to the preservation, management and presentation of Indigenous cultural heritage.

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The objectives of this program are to:

  • strengthen Indigenous cultural identity and participation in Canadian society
  • preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages and cultures

The Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program offers two funding components to eligible Indigenous organizations:

  1. Indigenous Languages
    The Indigenous Languages Component supports the reclamation, revitalization, maintenance, and strengthening of Indigenous languages through community-driven activities (formerly known as Aboriginal Languages Initiative).
  2. Northern Aboriginal Broadcasting
    Supports the production and distribution of Indigenous audio and video content.

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This program supports the mandate of the Department of Canadian Heritage by building on Canada’s strength as a diverse and inclusive society.

The Program has three funding components:

  1. Events
  2. Projects
  3. Community Capacity Building

The Paul Yuzyk Youth Initiative for Multiculturalism may also offer an interesting avenue for Indigenous youth. It offers funding for youth-led projects that promotes diversity and inclusion, while addressing racism and discrimination in local communities.

More information of this Youth Initiative

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Brian Bronfman Family Foundation

« The Brian Bronfman Family Foundation is especially interested in Applied Peace – that is, programs and approaches which, in very concrete ways, make ours a more harmonious and less violent society, with increased empathy, greater acceptance of diversity, more emotional intelligence, better communication, and a greater ability to prevent and resolve conflicts in a peaceful and effective manner. »

The BBFF provides financial assistance to registered Canadian charities only.

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Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (BAC) offers funding that can be used to:

  • digitize existing Indigenous culture and language recordings
  • build the skills, knowledge and resources needed to digitize and preserve Indigenous culture and language recordings

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Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (Quebec Arts and Literature Council)

« Open, inclusive, flexible and tailored to First Nations cultures’ needs and realities, as well as to their specific ways of creating and disseminating artworks, the Recognition program is designed to support the First Nations artistic community’s reappropriation, reconstruction and development efforts. »

The program provides funding opportunities for Aboriginal artists and Aboriginal cultural organizations.

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This program is reserved for First Nations and Inuit artists in Canada. It aims to support their engagement in their artistic practice, « regardless of whether your artistic practice is traditional, customary, contemporary or a mixture thereof ».

To be eligible, you must have taken part in, produced, presented or distributed a work outside of your training or educational program in a setting recognized by your peers, Elders or community.

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The program has three components:

  1. Revitalization, Creation and Transmission – Artist grant
    Supports Indigenous artists in their practices, throughout their careers, as well as the dissemination, circulation and promotion of Indigenous works and artists throughout Quebec and outside Quebec.
  2. Microgrant – Ideal for up-and-coming artist
    This component is distinguished by a streamlined application/evaluation process and an expedited processing/response time.
  3. Impetus – First grant
    This component is designed to provide an initial grant to Inuit and First Nations artists in order to give their career a boost. An artist’s application is submitted by a peer or cultural worker tasked with putting together the related file.
This program is reserved for legally constituted non-profit organization headquartered in Québec.

The program has two components:

  1. Revitalization, Creation and Transmission – Artist grant
    This component supports projects undertaken by First Nations artists and organizations involving the dissemination, circulation and promotion of First Nations works and artists inside as well as outside Québec.
  2. Development of organizational capabilities
    This component supports various initiatives, including the development and strengthening of First Nations artistic organizations.

Canada Council for the Arts

« This program supports Indigenous individuals, groups, Indigenous-led arts organizations and arts/cultural sector development organizations that foster a vital and resilient Indigenous arts ecosystem. »

Grants can be used to fund:

  1. Travel
  2. Small-Scale Activities
  3. Short-Term Projects
  4. Long-Term Projects
  5. Indigenous Organizations

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FACTOR – The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recording

Through its programs, the FACTOR Foundation provides assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian music industry.

FACTOR provides support to Canadian recording artists, songwriters, artist managers, record labels, music publishers, distributors, and event producers through numerous programs.

You can apply for funding to record a few tracks, a full length sound recording, market and promote an existing album, or showcase and tour at home or abroad.

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Musicaction is a non-profit organisation that encourages the development of music by supporting the production and marketing of sound recordings as well as collective promotional activities.

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LOJIQ – Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec

LOJIQ offers financial support to Indigenous youth between the ages of 18 and 35 to carry out projects involving mobility in Quebec, Canada or internationally.

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Chantiers jeunesse

Chantiers jeunesse helps youth aged 15 and over find a volunteer experience in Canada or abroad with one of our 40 partners for a short (2 to 4 weeks) or long period (1 to 6 months).

The programs offered may include an entrepreneurial project that meets the needs of the candidate’s community, an individual internship abroad or a community involvement experience.

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IJQ – Intégration Jeunesse du Québec inc. (Quebec Youth Integration)

IJQ offers different paid internship projects depending on the year.

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Quebec Government

The Young Volunteers Program offers support to young Quebecers aged 16 to 29.

« No matter whether you want to create your own business or become a self-employed worker, this program allows you to try out a business project and test your entrepreneurial skills, motivation and determination through activities similar to those involved in a business start-up. »

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Ministère de l’Éduction du Québec (Quebec Ministry of Education)

The Ministry offers financial assistance to schools that have a cultural committee, or that wish to establish a cultural committee.

This support can reach up to $10,000 for a cultural committee that already has a cultural policy and $3,000 for a cultural committee to be created during the current school year (2020 data).

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Canadian Government

This program helps extend the useful life of electronic equipment, reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste and offered practical work internships to young Canadians to help them develop advanced digital skills for the job market.

The CFS+ program also provides computers and other digital devices to assist libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities and eligible low-income Canadians. This is achieved through CFS+, the CFS+ Internship program and the Connecting Families initiative.

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Canadian Heritage

Paul Yuzyk Youth Initiative for Multiculturalism

Through the Paul Yuzyk Youth Initiative for Multiculturalism, you can receive a grant to fund a youth-led project that promotes diversity and inclusion, while addressing racism and discrimination in local communities.

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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones du Québec (SAA)

This program is aimed at supporting the carrying out of specific initiatives focused on Québec’s Aboriginal milieu.

Funding applications may be submitted primarily by Aboriginal communities (band councils, tribal councils, northern villages); non-profit Aboriginal organizations (Aboriginal NPOs); non-profit organizations; groupings of Aboriginal NPOs, nations, or communities.

The AIFIII I is made up of seven different components that are managed by the Minister responsible for Native Affairs. The goal of the fund is to support the economic, social, and community development of Aboriginal people and to meet government requirements for consultation. PDF

Here are a few funding envelopes that can be used to support cultural and artistic projects with a social impact:

1. Assistance for Aboriginal People in Urban Environments

This envelope provides financial support to community organizations offering services to Indigenous citizens living in urban areas.

2. Social Development

Financial assistance is available for projects, initiatives, and partnership agreements targeting social development in Aboriginal communities through relevant action adapted to the realities of Aboriginal people. Such projects may have significant benefits in terms of improving the living conditions of Aboriginal people in Québec.

Aboriginal nation communities recognized by the Québec National Assembly, Aboriginal non profit organizations or equivalent, non-Aboriginal non profit organizations that provide services for Aboriginal people, and the Assembly of the First Nations of Québec and Labrador and its committees are eligible to submit applications.

3. Loan guarantees

The objectives of this component are to create an environment that fosters economic development, allow Aboriginal organizations to access conventional sources of funding and benefit from competitive interest rates, create and develop businesses, and create and protect jobs.

4. Support for consultation

A budget of $20 million over five years is earmarked for nations and communities that plan to participate in the consultation and cooperation processes initiated by the Government of Québec.

5. Community action

This envelope is earmarked for community action organizations that provide services for an Aboriginal clientele in and outside communities.

Indigenous Services Canada

Crown-Indigenous Relations Canada (CIRNAC) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) provide funding for programs, services and initiatives to First Nations, Inuit and Northern communities, governments and individuals as well as to Aboriginal and Métis organizations.

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Quebec Government

The purpose of the digital development of tourism businesses agreement (EDNET) is to enable regional tourism associations (ATRs) to support businesses in their region in order to help them identify the digital development challenges they must meet and to carry out digital development projects.

Indigenous communities and nations recognized by the National Assembly, as well as small and medium-sized businesses that meet certain criteria, are eligible for the program.

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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones du Québec (Indigenous Affairs Secretariat)

This component offers financial assistance over 5 years to allow Aboriginal community action organizations, located in communities, to obtain the infrastructure they need to get started.

This financial assistance is offered to Aboriginal communities and nations recognized by the Québec National Assembly, Aboriginal non profit organizations or equivalent, and Aboriginal community action organizations in the start-up phase, located in communities.

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About AIF III:

AIF III is made up of seven different components, including one for community infrastructures, that are managed by the Minister responsible for Native Affairs. The goal of the fund is to support the economic, social, and community development of Aboriginal people and to meet government requirements for consultation. (PDF)

Canadian Heritage

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF) supports the improvement of physical conditions for arts, heritage, culture and creative innovation. The Fund supports renovation and construction projects, the acquisition of specialized equipment and feasibility studies related to cultural spaces.

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Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec (Quebec Council of Religious Heritage)

Support for projects concerning the repurposing of places of worship of heritage value aims to preserve the heritage value of buildings while promoting a transition towards a new use rooted in the needs of the community.

This program has two distinct components: (1) Incubator for repurposing projects; (2) Repurposing of places of worship of heritage value.

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The program contributes to the protection, transmission, and the promotion of religious heritage of historical, architectural, or artistic interest.

The support it offers aims to preserve and conserve landed and furnishings, works of art, and organs demonstrating heritage value across the whole of Québec.

The program includes two components: (1) Restoration of buildings; (2) Restoration of furnishings, works of art or organs.

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