« Nit’anicinabe icita8inan na8atc ka picipenindamoiak, osam nit’anicinabewinan acitc e icikisoiak acitc ati e ici papamadisiak. »

« Our Anicinape culture is central to our concerns s it reflects and represents our identity and way of life as Anicinapek. »


At the heart of the Anicinabe AKI, Minwashin is a non-profit cultural organization whose mission is to support, develop and celebrate our arts, language and culture.


Minwashin is a venue for valuing, revitalizing, and disseminating the Anicinabe language, arts and culture. We believe in creation and cultural and linguistic re-appropriation… Nikani.



Generosity is about giving and sharing. Giving time, help, support.
Recognizing the needs of others and helping to meet them whenever possible.
Sharing resources and information, bringing people together, networking in order to seek the common good, the community spirit.

Manatcic kiwitci matisinwin

All the words of the Anicinabe language are characterized by respect.
Respect is an essential value in creating healthy relationships and a harmonious environment.
It is up to each and every one of us personally to create such a climate.
Acting with consideration, courtesy, attentiveness and discretion towards the people with whom we come into contact.
Being diligent and avoiding all forms of discrimination.
Everyone is entitled to respect and dignity. Mikwetc!

Minwashin / Mininakon

We speak here of beauty as greatness, willpower, history, creation, ideal. Minwashin is one of them. The quest for all that is beautiful in Anicinabe culture, in a search for meaning in one’s actions, with the desire to “do together” and the need to believe in human beings and nature.


We are proud of who we are. Our connection and sense of belonging to our territory is strong. We want other communities, other cultures to take an interest in us for what we bring to society and cultural diversity. We celebrate our arts, our language and our knowledge with pride.