MIAJA 2021

On September 9 and 10, 2021, the Abitibiwinni will host the 3rd edition of Miaja revolving around the theme of reappropriation and preservation of Anicinabe heritage.

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MIAJA 2021

Les 9 et 10 septembre 2021, les Abitibiwinni seront les hôtes de la troisième édition de Miaja, qui aura pour thème la réappropriation et la préservation du patrimoine anicinabe.

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Meet the bearers of our culture!

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kikipi nikitimakonan omidinetcikinawa kimocominanik. wekonen kaki wapitamowatc. Wekokeni kaki noswabitamowatc.

Kika kinowamakonan kitci anicinapeyek. ke ojikabwikitamin kitci anicinape madiziin.

Atisokanan, otiminwakin, kakina kekona kaki ocitamowatc.kiki nikitimakomin kitci apictomik.

What we have left from our ancestors, every little thing they left behind or gave to us, is a witness to our thousand-year-old culture. Our heritage teaches us the ways of the Ancestors, reveals to us their imagination, their creativity and their ingenuity in facing difficulties.

These are their stories, our stories. The objects they made with their hands and the names they gave to the landscape features are our heritage. We must protect this heritage because it is the memory of our culture and history that we wish to pass on to future generations.

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Ni wejinanak acitc ka nigimowatc ka nimiwatc nogom mikinana kanige anicinabe teweganan acitc kitic anicinabek ka tibadjimowatc owe ka apitenidagok kid anicinabe ijitawinan.


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