The Language, Our Identity

Nena8itc ima ici takon omidinetcikinikak ima nena8itc anicinabekak ka ici taciketc. mi ima e ici takok icikic8e8in. Aca 8eckatc ki 8apiteiko ke inentaman e ici matisien. Mi 8eti kaki apitcitamo8atc kitci atiskatomo8atc eci anicinabeiek, mitci ocipikate nokom, anic ki mitci 8a8itamatiek otakina. Kekat eki 8anitcitcikatek kipi meckotcise akotciatik e piotisemakak kekon. Kipi cakosimin, kekat eki 8anatcitcikatek. Nokom opimiton sakokikapini. 8itamok kitci mack8esimakak kitci opickamakak kit’anicinape8inan.

In the center of the mind, in the center of man, in the center of the community, is the language. Since many moons ago, it modulates our way of thinking about life and of seeing what surrounds us in a common, shared way. Thanks to the language, in our minds, there is nothing bigger, nothing smaller, but everything completes itself to form a harmonious whole. It is what has made it possible to transmit our history and culture, first from one ear to the next, then through writing. Sometimes imposed, sometimes silenced and banished, it has been weakened, punished, colonized, invaded by the words of another language, soiled by the mouths of another culture. Today, we must take care of it, wash it with affection and feed it. It carries the hope, values and autonomy of the nation. Let us restore its strength and use it to revitalize our culture and proudly present it to all.

« Nit’anicinabe icita8inan odehi nit’icikice8in, ni kacka emitaman, kitci nepitci tak8ak ka ici netimiak, ka ici inapitamak enikokwakamigak, kitci miseiapitamak kitci manatcito8atc ka mamakatentakok acitc e icinagosiak nit’acinabe akinan. »

« Our language is the heart and soul of our culture as it allows us to communicate with one another, to perpetuate our concepts and worldview in a holistic manner while respecting the uniqueness and specific characteristics of our respective communities. Our language unites us and brings us together. »

Anicinabemodan (Let’s Speak Anicinabe) 1/3

Richard Kistabish, président de Minwashin, partage les raisons pour lesquelles il est fier de parler sa langue ancestrale. Pour lui, la langue anicinabe est vivante. Elle nous permet de construire l’avenir et témoigne de notre passé.  Elle est ce que nous sommes.

Anicinabemodan (Let’s Speak Anicinabe) 2/3

La langue, pour les Anicinabek, est un cadeau du Créateur. Elle nous définit, nous caractérise. Elle est au centre de notre culture. @ Richard Kistabish, Marlène Jérôme, Virginia Dumont et Édouard Brazeau

Anicinabemodan (Let’s Speak Anicinabe) 3/3

En visite à l’école Migwan de Pikogan, on découvre l’importance de la langue anicinabe dans les façons d’apprendre et d’enseigner des Anicinabek.