International Year of Indigenous Languages

Anicinabemodan Campaign

Launched in 2019 on the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Anicinabemodan – Let’s Talk Anicinabe initiative brings together a set of actions designed to promote the Anicinabe language.

Recognising that Indigenous languages were among the most vulnerable in the world today, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution proclaiming 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. As the year came to an end, the United Nations proposed to continue the effort over 10 years. The International Decade of Indigenous Languages will begin in 2022.

« While promising for the Anishinabeg, this initiative is only a salve on an open wound, still confronting us with a harsh reality: we have neglected our language. Strong and resilient, language carries our culture at arm’s length, even when we ourselves are at a loss for words. »

-Richard Kistabish, president of Minwashin

Anicinabemodan in Short

 Anicinabemodan – Let’s Speak Anicinabe involves various initiatives helping to revitalize the Anicinabe language

  • The publication of an Anicinabe lexicon;
  • Creation of stickers for the home and office to give visibility to the Anicinabe language on a daily basis;
  • Creation of a bilingual calendar (Anicinabe/French and Anicinabe/English);
  • Proposal of 10 actions to highlight the language spoken in the territory for 8,000 years;
  • A list of essential cultural events celebrating the Anicinabe language throughout the year;
  • Broadcast of a series of videos highlighting current territory-wide initiatives to keep the language alive.

« My wish is that we pool our efforts to ensure the continuity of our language. Please join all the women and men who have lent their voices and listened attentively in recent years. I’m filled with optimism by an inspiring up-and-coming generation. They carry with them a great wind of hope. Our language is the blazing fire of our culture: alive, sacred and vulnerable. With every utterance spoken it will light up the path of its own resurgence, reinvesting our lives with its evocative words, its significant stories and valuable pieces of wisdom. »

-Richard Kistabish, president of Minwashin

Anicinabe ijigijewin kitci apitenidagon kidji kinenidamik mi owe ka kidji ijiwegazik. Panima dac kiga anicinabemoman etaso kijigak kidji madjiwomagak kiniwit odji. Mojak kagwectok kidji anicinabemowek migwetc inenididan odji anicinabewin. Kagi pijiwebazik kagi iji nackimik madizowin. Mojak anicinabe ogi apintenidan odijigijewin.

Saving our language is crucial. It distinguishes us from others, it is our identity. The Anicinabe language is the reflection of what we have been through, of what we have experienced. Speak it daily. Be grateful and proud.

-Virginia Dumont