As a young organisation, Minwashin wishes to anchor its development and actions in the territory in which it takes part, the Anicinabe AKI. Active in the field of Anicinabe arts and culture, we aim to be consistent and to link our vision to the cultural realities and specific needs of the Anicinabek.

Strategic Plan

In 2019, we started the process of developing our first strategic plan. Our objective included establishing a concerted mission, a vision for the future and shaping upcoming actions based on inspiring values.

Anicinabe Nation artists, artisans and bearers of culture, community development officers, stakeholders in the arts, culture and education from throughout the territory and many Anicinabe youth have contributed to the strategic analysis process. The Minwashin Board of Directors and Executive Director have actively participated in all stages of the strategic planning. The process was conducted by a team of La Boîte Rouge VIF, a non-profit organisation specialised in collaborative approaches.

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