Originally from Quebec City, Chantal Simard now lives in Victoriaville. Her biological father being of Algonquin origin and her mother, a descendant of Acadian parents, she received, from her early childhood, values of open-mindedness towards the world that are dear to her.

Catherine Nattaway was the name of her paternal great grandmother and inspired her artist’s name: Nattaway.

The question of identity runs through Chantal’s work, each painting or sculpture evokes a message, a ritual or a symbol while carrying its share of space to be filled by the observer. Moreover, she insists on leaving room for each person’s interpretation. The work is important in itself, the thought that it delivers is even more important, as well as the questioning that it provokes.

Today, her passion has become a way of life. Inspired by the power of an emotion, she lets herself be guided. Carried by what wants to be expressed, her wish is to open a door, as small as it may be, on this sensitivity that inhabits people, that leads directly to the heart and makes us travel in the extraordinary world of emotions.

“I believe that I have a message to deliver, as much for people as for women, whether they are white, red or other… perhaps that life takes on a meaning, a sacred meaning in each moment, following the roots that are proper to us. By honoring who we are today, it will be easier and truer for us to say thank you to life.”

It is with great honor that she shares her work with you.

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