Minwashin has always seen anicinabek radio stations as an excellent medium for disseminating the culture. This led to the collective project of the PISHESHIN podcast, which creates original content available to the entire Anicinabe Nation.

The first season of PISHESHIN was launched on June 21, 2021 on all anicinabek radio stations. The episodes are now available here, on Apple Podcast and on Spotify.

Some info about PISHESHIN

The name

PISHESHIN means echo in the Kitcisakik dialect. Minwashin wants the Anicinabe culture to resonate from one community to another.

The logo

The logo is made up of concentric circles, to represent the echo, the repetition of sound that travels from one community to another. It is also shaped like a button, but some may also see a listening ear. Finally, the colours chosen represent the four colours of the medicine wheel, which is generally associated with First Nations culture.

One nation, three languages

The ancestral territory (Aki) of the Anicinabe Nation extends over two provinces. Some communities are more English-speaking and others are more French-speaking. In addition, each community has its own dialect of Anicinabemowin. PISHESHIN podcasts follow this same linguistic pattern.


Following a meeting of the anicinabek radio stations in January 2020, a project to produce podcasts was born. The basic idea was to produce, share between radios and offer listeners quality content on culture and broadcast it across the Nation. Minwashin collaborated with the anicinabek radio stations to ensure that as many communities as possible were represented.

Samian, an Abitibiwinni, collaborated with Minwashin for the project’s signature sound. Musician, writer, photographer and actor, this Anicinabe continues to travel his path.

The project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Quebec ministry of Culture and Communication.