Tamara King is a wood worker and artisan from the Anishinaabe community of Wolf Lake. She gets her inspiration from nature and its medicines to create works that embellish and improve the experience of daily life.  Her curiosity, lively nature and concern for detail are jointly reflected in the way she undertakes every project. She likes to experiment new materials and express her cultural heritage through inspirational artwork of impeccable finish. By bringing design in our daily life, Tamara wants to create spaces that are pleasant to live in.

“I like to work with my people and give my work a more indigenous twist!”

Tamara nurtures a true fascination for space and design, a fascination acquired in her childhood watching her father build the family home. She was eager to learn how things are built and how interiors can be harmoniously laid out. While this interest has never left her, it is not until she was in her thirties that Tamara decided to explore it fully. The attraction of a new challenge and a long-lived fascination for construction were enough to convince her to quit her job in tourism and enroll in a woodworking program. After completing training, Tamara considered several different avenues, from teaching woodworking to women to building interchangeable TV set decors. At the same time, she explored her own ideas and carried out customized projects for the community. Today, Tamara would like to start a business of her own and put her multiple talents to the service of local companies. By integrating design in our life, Tamara aims to create spaces where it feels good to live: intuitive kitchen layouts, smart commercial spaces, attractive restaurants, etc.

Tamara plans to continue transmitting her know-how to other women, because, as she puts it: “not every woman has the chance to have a father or a grandfather who is willing to teach these things or believe that women should be able to learn them.”

To discover Tamara’s work, look for Mitigowan Designs on Facebook!


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