Robin McKenzie was born and raised in the Anishnabe community of Kebaowek. Robin finds inspiration in real life stories.

When she meets new people, she listens to their story and the hardships they have experienced, and learns about their loved ones. She lends an attentive ear to seniors, with whom she enjoys working as a volunteer. Spontaneous moments of tenderness catch her eye and fill her mind with images: two sisters intertwined; family members walking hand in hand in the woods; introspective or festive silhouettes. Her sensitivity and soul-piercing eyes lead the creative process of an accomplished self-taught artist. «I always go with my feeling. I always follow my gut. All the time», she replies with a smile when asked about her artistic approach.

Today, her art gives her the means to reconnect with her cultural heritage, which influences her work in a profound way. «I think that’s what [my family and I] needed. I think that’s what a lot of us need.»


(705) 495-9038
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