Edouard Brazeau is an Anicinabe from the Kitcisakik community, a father and a very involved person. He is always available to help the young people of his community.

Laughing and generous, he is also a well-known artist and cultural ambassador for his people.

The anicinabemowin is, for him, the best representation of his culture and of intergenerational transmission.

For me, it’s the most precious thing in my culture, the language!

It was his father who introduced him to the manufacture of oars, snowshoes, birchbark canoes and hunting calls. In short, they made the tools they needed for their seasonal tasks and occupations themselves. ”It took people to do it, it couldn’t be bought,” he explains.

I watched my father do it, and the same for my brothers and sisters. It was normal to be present with our parents and to watch, and be attentive: it’s the way to make the transmission between generations.

Today, Edouard’s mission is to get people involved, to pass on his knowledge and, above all, to show by example. There’s an urgent need to pass on so that we don’t forget, he says. Cultural facilitator at the Health Center, language and culture teacher at his community’s school, cultural resourcing facilitator and much more… All paths are good to accompany balance and healing, and Edouard is greatly inspired by nature and the animals of the nitakinan – the territory.

A whole universe of knowledge revolves around him, carrying him from project to project. His paths may be strewn with pitfalls, but his vision is clear: keep going and moving forward, as many other projects and dreams are on the horizon for Edouard.

A great bearer of his culture, with knowledge to share, Edouard is an inspiring human being. You can follow him on Facebook, where his work is now in demand across Quebec.

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