Art Exhibition


Tabine kackitowin wejikanan

We found the name of the exhibition with the help of Virginia Dumont, Roger Wylde and the Kitcisakik community. Wejikan is an Anicinabe word meaning « to embellish something ». The long version is in fact « Tabinekackitowinwejikanan » or « Crafting objects and embellishing them ».

To highlight the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Vallée-de-l’Or MRC and Minwashin have joined efforts to present the Wejikan project, an exhibition of works by artists and artisans from the region’s First Nations. The unveiling was held on August 21, 2019 and seven works adorned the walls of the municipal council meeting room until October 18th.

« We are pleased to have been approached by the MRCVO to collaborate to this project highlighting the works, the words and the individuals of Aboriginal heritage. This simple gesture has allowed a great number of people to discover the millennial presence of Indigenous people in the territory. »

-Richard Kistabish, president of Minwashin

Art For Mutual Recognition

The exhibitors were of Anicinabe, Atikamekw and Cree origin. The Artisanat Migona and Miaja groups were also present. Visitors had the opportunity to find out more about the use and significance of the objects on exhibit, learn their names in their language of origin, as well as the names of their creators. The initiative was part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages and the Anicinabemodan campaign.

« No less than three of the eleven Indigenous Nations of Quebec have members living in the Vallée-de-l’Or territory. Each has its own identity, its own language, its own history. We want to raise awareness about this reality, share it with others. That’s how the idea of holding an Indigenous crafts exhibition was born and the MRCVO arts support policy offered a perfect opportunity. »

-Pierre Corbeil, MRCVO Reeve.

Marie-Anne Cheezo
Lac-Simon Anicinabe artist

Claudette Happyjack
Cree artist living in Val-d’Or

Élisabeth Mianscum
Cree artisan living in Senneterre

Alexis Weizineau
Atikamekw artisan living in Senneterre