Young mother from the Kitcisakik community, Sherryl-Anne lives in Val-d’Or.

Ever since she was a child, she has been interested in drawing: life scenes and family moments at her family fishing camp give her the inspiration she needs to express on canvas. What, for her, becomes a refuge. Art allows her to express passages in her life and maintain her confidence in the future.

It’s important for me to teach children what I’ve been taught about my culture.

Today, Sherryl-Anne teaches language and culture to elementary school children in her community. Patient and committed, she is always available to organize a workshop or support a family member.

I care about the land and what happens to the animals in the forest. Sometimes it worries me to see what people do when they hunt, waste and leave part of the animal in the woods… We use everything from the animal, I remember my father boiling the bones… even moose hooves are used to make children’s toys.

Her creations are touching and express her vision of life.

Sherryl-Anne is an inspiring cultural ambassador with a promising future.

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