From the Anicinabe and Eeyou Nations, born in Amos, Jérémy has lived in several territories, allowing him to explore the cultures of different Nations of the province of Quebec. A talented field hockey player and enthusiast, he pursued his studies in sport-étude in Waswanipi.

In addition to his talent as a hockey player, Jérémy is passionate about music, whether hip-hop, reggaeton or electronic. With a thirst for learning and discovery, he explores different professional environments as a radio host, singer, musician and even DJ. He’s already got several years behind the mike under his belt!

He currently divides his time between his duties as a member of the Pikogan Community Council, as a DJ at events such as H2O, the FME, the BOAT EVENT, as stage manager and more.

For me, music is deep, creating music gives me goose bumps, being a DJ and feeling free to create are always intense moments.

Jérémy is a friendly, dynamic man who is very committed to his work.

Over the years, he has developed an interest in composing.The need to get back to writing became apparent fairly quickly, and there’s no shortage of projects for Jérémy. He has a clear vision of the direction he wants to take, and surrounds himself with people who share his passion.

Despite all his busy life, Jérémy is committed to integrating culture and language into his community.

We’ll be seeing and, above all, hearing him again for many projects to come, which he’ll be able to resonate with his musical talent.

A name to remember for any event project: Jérémy Kistabish from Pikogan!

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