Pierrette Mowatt is a skilled and experienced artisan from the Anishinaabe community of Pikogan. Introduced to manual arts in her childhood, she continued her learning process with her elders. Today she proudly carries on their heritage. A multi-skilled artisan, Pierre Mowatt masters the art of sewing, beading, jewelry making, embroidery, and traditional leather accessory making. She considers that craft-making is a fine school of life, and she puts the best of herself into it.

“Handicraft making is like a therapy: you need to be patient, stay calm and take your time.”

Pierrette Mowatt took an interest in handicraft at a very young age. As a child, she enjoyed watching her mother. She started learning from her when, at 15, she decided to try her hands at it. Encouraged by the contagious joy and enthusiasm of artisans from her community, she took courses in Pikogan, then Amos. She is particularly pleased to have had the chance to learn from elders and is very proud to honor their heritage in her work. While many of them have passed away, their know-how continues to live through her. Today, Pierrette Mowatt teaches to youngsters and adults in Pikogan; she sometimes welcomes groups from outside her community.

Pierrette’s work is done with a great deal of precision and reflects great wisdom. She believes that calm and tranquility are at the source of the finest creative ideas, and therefore seeks the quietude she needs to create. Each one of her work is made expertly with great care, precision and diligenceß.

Pierrette Mowatt takes orders and exhibits her works regularly at cultural events and pow-wows.


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